What is an Operator in K8s and why FPGAs need one in Data Centers

FPGA operator

InAccel FPGA operator is a cloud-native method to standardize and automate the deployment of all the necessary components for provisioning FPGA-enabled Kubernetes systems. FPGA Operator delivers a universal accelerator orchestration and monitoring layer, to automate scalability and lifecycle management of containerized FPGA applications on any Kubernetes cluster.

Audience and Use-Cases

The FPGA Operator allows administrators of Kubernetes clusters to manage FPGA nodes just like CPU nodes in the cluster. Instead of provisioning a special OS image for FPGA nodes, administrators can rely on a standard OS image for both CPU and FPGA nodes and then rely on the FPGA Operator to provision the required software components for FPGAs.

InAccel’s FPGA operator for easy deployment of FPGAs in Kubernetes



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