Get Up and Running with FPGAs in Rancher Kubernetes Clusters

  • Build out your infrastructure for a Kubernetes cluster
  • Install Kubernetes
  • Install the FPGA-operator via Helm

Getting Up and Running with Rancher and Available FPGA Resources-

  1. Installs the right FPGA drivers
  2. Instantiates the InAccel CSI and Device Plugins
  3. Deploys and starts InAccel Coral Resource Manager and Coral Monitor

FPGA drivers-

CSI and Device plugins-

Coral Resource Manager and Monitor-


  1. Rancher
  2. InAccel FPGA Operator
  3. Infrastructure — we’ll use FPGA nodes on AWS

Process Steps

Install a Kubernetes cluster with FPGAs-

Set Up the FPGA Operator

Make use of the FPGAs

Deploy an FPGA-Capable workload


  • The FPGA Operator from InAccel
  • Rancher’s cluster deployment and catalog app integration




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Applications Acceleration instantly

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