• Christos Makiyama

    Christos Makiyama

    Founder & President of Silicon Planet. I'm helping technology companies to develop their business in Japan.

  • Dimitrios Soudris

    Dimitrios Soudris

  • Mehmet Serkan Apaydın

    Mehmet Serkan Apaydın

    PhD Stanford. Biochemistry, Robotics, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Bioinformatics, Electrical Engineering.

  • Andreas Brokalakis

    Andreas Brokalakis

    Computer Engineer by day, traveler and photographer by dream

  • Francesco Dallanoce

    Francesco Dallanoce

    Computer Science Engineer 🖥️ | Data Scientist 🧠l Python lovers🐍 | Excited to learn every day

  • Ben Williams

    Ben Williams

    I have approximate knowledge of many things. I am a software engineer who works with hardware, jazz musician, skier, and an avid reader.

  • Dimitris Lekkas

    Dimitris Lekkas

    Software Engineer at InAccel. Passionate about tech, software and startups. Highly interested in implementing systems for machine learning acceleration.

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