FPGAs have been emerged as a high-performance computing platform that can meet the demanding AI requirements in terms of throughput, latency and energy-efficiency. FPGA vendors like Xilinx, Intel and Achronix have developed great FPGA platforms for data center and edge applications.

However a main challenge on the domain of AI/ML…

Deep neural networks, and AI in general, can offer tremendous advantages in many sectors like healthcare, finance, logistics, marketing, and research. However, all the AI models like deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc. are computationally intensive and require enormously powerful processing platforms. This is the reason that so many large chip…

On June 1, 2015 Intel and Altera announced , that they had entered into a definitive agreement under which Intel would acquire Altera for $16.7 billions. That was a major milestone for the FPGA community as Xilinx and Altera were the main FPGA vendors.

After the official announcement of AMD…


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